Friday, June 11, 2010

Back to School With a Ball: The Oxford Red Dress Couture Ball 2010

As fashion and my past academic pursuits don't often align and rock the world at large with the fabulousness of their unorthodox combo, when an opportunity does arise, I'm on it like a grad student in hot pursuit of that final essay in the mustiest most forlorn corner of the basement stacks which will unlock the key to their dissertation's main argument. So when the lovely Julia from my alma mater asked me to attend and help support the Oxford Red Dress Couture Charity Ball, I was there faster than you can say Dominus Illuminatio Mea.

Myself and friends at last year's white tie Magdalen Ball
The ball, which takes place a week from today (still time to get your tickets!) will be a three-part event to raise funds and awareness for both H.E.L.P. and Teach a Man to Fish. Red, the international colour of hope for those affected by HIV/AIDS is the unifying link carried throughout the evening's festivities. The night will kick off with a unique dining experience: an innovative tasting menu of red themed dishes. The dinner will be immediately followed by a runway fashion show featuring red couture gowns from world renowned designers (Escada, John Galliano, Vera Wang, Herve Leger, Max Azria and Marchesa, to name a few), staged in the decadent town hall, one of Oxford's most breathtaking and historic buildings.

"We are so excited to be part of this special event and honoured to help such a worthy cause," gushes Lubov Azria, wife of Max.

Immediately following the Couture Runway Show will be a live auction, hosted by Hugh Edmeades, the International Director of Christie's Auction House. Guests will be offered the opportunity to bid on selected gowns exhibited in the show, as well as other one-of-a-kind items and exciting experiences.

Guests will then be escorted to the famed Divinity Schools in the Bodleian Library, the halls I once traversed daily books in hand, for an evening of champagne, canap├ęs and entertainment late into the night.

 "As a fan (and when I was 10 years old, a resident) of Oxford - and a witness to its impressive intellectual culture - I love the idea of bringing fashion and great scholarship together," remakrs Cindi Leive of Glamour US. "And with such good causes being served, the Oxford Red Dress Couture Ball is shaping up to be a truly powerful night for fashion, for academia and for charity."

The Red Dress Couture Ball is partnered with The Aloysius Society – an established group of students at the University of Oxford who too have come together to make a positive difference in the lives of impoverished children.

£40 Premier Tickets--runway show only
£140 VIP Tickets--runway show and champagne post
Exclusive Tickets--dinner at the Cherwell Boathouse, runway show and drinks.

Please email for ticket pricing and availability.


FabFab said...

really looks like a phenomenal event! I love your dress from that other ball--who's it by?

Sasha said...

wow! looks like fun!! what are you going to wear :)

The Clothes Whisperer said...

Alice Temperley! xx

The Clothes Whisperer said...

that's the best part!! I'm going to borrow this dress from Zarina Bolotbayeva that I saw at the Istituto Marangoni show! Figured it was appropriate to support student designs at a University ball. I can't wait!! xx

Mary said...

GORGEOUS! That dress is perfect for you! x

Pearly Queen said...

I LOVED that one! Will really be stunning on you, excellent pick and props for supporting student designers at a student event!

Bert said...

it will be fun, I am going

mama whisperer said...

Wow, academia and fashion meet at Oxford in red dress couture ball!!!! fantastic! Cannot wait to see the photos of you in red dress!! I always thought the color of red is one of your colors....and mine!

Candice said...

wow impressive...students fighting for kids affected by Aids, and bringing long an amazing Fashion event and Auction..
Are there tkts left???? Where do I buy them?

The Clothes Whisperer said...

I totally agree! Great way to bring fashion and academia together for a bigger and better cause than either of those worlds' somewhat introspective self-serving and esoteric ways of going about life (broad, sweeping generalizations here).

Tickets are available here, would love to see you there!


The Clothes Whisperer said...

thanks guys! I'm really excited, will be a really nice homecoming for me! xx

Samariah said...

sounds like the ingredients for a truly magical evening. I'm an American and have never been to England, but I've seen Brideshead Revisited and Oxford really looks like such a special place, like going back in time. I'd love to visit someday!


PS I love your blog and Butters too!

SEIG1 said..., not many left- hurry!!x

Samantha_f321 said...

Temperley will be exhibiting one of her red dresses in the show as well!
Look online!

Julie said...

oooooooh love her!

Twigart said...

Great first image and I love the tiara further down